The competitive sailing and ocean racing business network

A center of excellence for ocean racing has emerged in southern Brittany, arising from competitive yacht racing skippers who seek further improvement in their performance joining forces with dynamic, innovative local businesses with an interest in the sea.

Eurolarge Innovation is a technopole which was created expressly as a support system for these innovative businesses centred around ocean racing : sail, rigging, fittings and deck hardware manufacture, shipbuilding, security equipment, electronic navigation and communication equipment, hull surface treatments etc.

These businesses are often already internationally recognised as market leaders due to their skill, experience and know-how.

This infrastructure, teaming competitors, businesses and also research establishments provides, skippers in Brittany with the most cutting-edge racing yachts, resources and equipment currently available anywhere in the world.

Eurolarge Innovation has created a dynamic local identity for the region’s innovative industries

  • It supports and encourages technical development in the ocean racing sector :
  • Initiating and encouraging development of innovation within companies
  • Creating a technically orientated business network
  • Promoting and aiding development of a resource pool with an excellent reputation made up of the businesses in Brittany supplying ocean racing teams with products and services
  • Helping companies within this sector to diversify, this evolving towards other high technology sectors (aeronautics, automotive…)


A business network throughout Brittany

In addition to the operational suport it offers, Eurolarge is forging a network of companies working within ocean racing in Brittany, this giving them a more visible international identity.


Each year, Eurolarge offers a programme of presentations dedicated to ocean racing

Technical Seminars : Examples : Design, new ground for innovation in yachting

Breakfasts and information workshops : Examples : Sponsoring in sailing

Eurolarge also aims to provide a visible profile both nationally and worlwide for its member companies, using a wide range of strategies :

  • Stands at major ocean racing events
  • Trade fairs and boat shows
  • Technowatch newsletters
  • Blog
  • Online technical database
  • Specialist press releases
  • Social Network



Eurolarge helps its member companies implement innovations on a day to day basis :

  • Putting projects leaders in contact with relevant scientific and technical experts
  • Using market and product research to confirm the potential of each innovation
  • Advising on protection of industrial ideas (patents, copyrights, brands, designs,)
  • Fund-raising (grants, subsidies, venture capital)
  • Providing specific training for individual projects
  • Exploring new avenues for diversification and sector crossover


Since its inception, ocean racing has embodied a combination of extraordinary human endeavour with extreme technical challenge. From racing yacht design throught to the race finish line, the scope and rage of technical achievement and progress is extraordinary :

  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Structure design calculation
  • Finite element calculation
  • Wind tunnel and hydrodynamics testing technology
  • Materials science
  • Surface treatments technology
  • Precision mechanics
  • Onboard electronics
  • Data processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Virtual reality modelling
  • Multimedia
  • Wireless communication
  • Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic computer simulation
  • Non-destructive test technology

This pursuit of high performance is itself a source of innovation; innovation which can be applied well outside the ocean racing sector.

It is not uncommon to find technical developments with their origins in ocean racing available not only to the general sailing public, but also further afield in sectors such as the defense, construction, automotive and aeronautic industries.

With more than 110 partners businesses, mainly small and medium sized, Eurolarge Innovation has become an integrated and comprehensive network.

Download here the complete documentation